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German Helios micro nitrogen type optical plastic precision dust removal and dehumidification drying composite systemcomposite system is a set of combination of precision transportation dust collection and dehumidification dryingIn the field of optical and plastic materials, the high-strength static electricity generated in the transportation of materials and in the pipeline are indispensable for the systematic high-end equipment of type-I nitrogen typeIn the impact of dust produced by the size of the situation, it is very disturbing and helpless, in the market drying equipment usually with transport recyclingNegative pressure wind can collect dust, but it is far from meeting the dust removal requirements for thincreasingly demanding sensitive optical transparent plastic materialsAnd most people misunderstand (the difference between dust removal and dust collection). There is a big difference between the two concepts. We welcome interested optical production

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Quality professional service

Quality professional service

The first step for a successful and long-lasting cooperation always starts with the personal contact to the

customer. Our experienced sales representatives will be happy to advise you directly on site about the

latest technical developments from HELIOS and their ossible applications.
Our service department will be at your disposal during the entire period of use with competent advice on

all pending questions or carry out repairs, maintenance and calibrations on request even on site.
Knowing your equipment and machines inside out is the only way to ensure optimal and efficient use. For

this reason, all HELIOS products have detailed installation and operating instructions to make the proper

use of our equipment as easy as possible and therefore ensure safe and efficient operation.

HELIO®Cleandedusters are largely prepared for „Plug&Play“.

Test equipment
Test equipment is available for almost all HELIOS products on the
basis of a rental contract.



Of course we also offer specific training directly on site or in our technical center.
During the training, your employees will be supported by our competent service technicians and learn the
concrete handling of the technology used.
The acquired knowledge about our products reduces operating errors significantly and avoids possible
ailures in your production.
Take advantage of our training courses and benefit  rom additional advantages:
■ Increasing the qualification of your employees
■ Effective use of machines and equipment
■ No downtimes due to operating errors