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Dongguan mutual good Technology Co.,ltd. was established in Dongguan, Guangdong province. The company, with the spirit of "quality, professional and service", adheres to the consistent goal of "quality first, professional provision and good faith service", and tries to make good trade a professional team with high level. Thanks to the support and trust of all walks of life, we have developed to provide "engineering design, sales and installation, after-sales service" for many years, mainly engaged in plastic injection field and plastic machinery, cameras, optical lenses, computer connectors, mobile parts, light guide plates, cosmetics, etc. All kinds of traditional products, plastic injection and application industry, have accumulated solid professional knowledge and technical services.

Looking forward to the future, mutual good Technology will take the quality first, professional supply and good faith service to meet the challenges of the future high quality times. Meanwhile, we expect the company to gradually develop into a transnational international enterprise, and continue to expand more business areas, share the results of mechanical technology with more customers, and we are professional. Experience and service.

Dongguan mutual good Technology Co.,ltd

Problems with insufficiently dedusted resin

Ion shower

While the granulate is whirled up and circulated in the deduster, a  continuous stream of ionized air is

 blown through the portion to be  dedusted.  In this way, the binding forces between dust particles and

 granules are  reduced to such an extent that the dust loosens and can be separated  by air-floating. 

Due to the special glass construction, the ions are particularly  „long-lasting“ and therefore lead to a 

high efficiency of the ion shower

1.Insert ions

2.Neutralize charge 

3.Separation by air-floating

Problems with insufficiently dedusted resin