Temperature range up to C°

     90  100   150    160   180

     Heating capacity in kW

     3   4   6   9

     Cooling capacity in kW

     0   50    58

     Max. flow rate in l/min

     27  38  57  60

     Max. pressure in bar  

      6.0       5.0



The compact water-operated temperature control systems for applications and requirements in the small and medium capacity range up to 180 °C are predominantly used for injection moulding applications but also for other processes. They are ideal for temperature control during the production of high-quality articles and allow a documentation of process parameters.

In contrast to heat-transfer oil, water used as a circulating medium provides numerous physical and economic benefits – particuarly for high operating temperatures. The heat transfer characteristics of water are far superior to those of oil: its high specific heat transfer capacity is second to no other liquid media. Water also provides many ecological benefits.

The WK3 sizes of the Water Compact product family are equipped for operation far above the atmospheric boiling point with temperatures of up to 180 °C. They meet the most stringent safety requirements. The systems are extremely compact and are built exclusively with high-quality components.

Water-WK3-Pumpenkennlinie-GB.jpgDefault features


Smart & cost-effective pressurized-vessel solution for applications up to 160 °C. High efficiency and very low energy losses by full isolation of heating carrying parts and optionally speed controlled pumps

High reliability and availability due to ingenious and robust design using corrosion-free material. IP54 (hydraulic section as well as cabinet) design. Heaters controlled by solid state relais.

From 160 °C a robust magnetically coupled pump is available

German-engineered and manufactured

State-of-the-art 3,5" touch controller SBC–T with broad range of optional machine-interfaces.

Compact unit offering highest cooling power capability in their class. Robust stainless-steel pressure-vessel-design construction helps reduce corrosion issues caused by regular efills

Available with many features and options. Modularized archicecture allows upgrades



Flow measuring

Reinforced pumps

Tool draining by suction or pressurized air


Diverse interface

7"-touch-controller with many additional features

… and many more

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